Friday, February 24, 2012

Leif Eriksson

Leif was born in Iceland.  He is the son of Viking Erik The Red.  Leif was also known as Leif the Lucky.  He was called that because he saved a group of sailors who were going to die.  So they called him that.  He sailed to North America with 35other warriors and is believed to have settled in Newfoundland.  They called it Vinland.  It was the year 1001 AD.  They sailed along three spots of North American Coastline before they reached that point.

More viking clans came from Greenland to Vinland.  But they were not successful in staying in North America. The Native Americans fought a war for their land, and drove the Vikings out of the area.  By the year 1007 AD, the Vikings returned back to Greenland.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

tripticon the big dino depticon.

i am doing post on tripticon a gaint decepticon that is eqiped with a shoulder cannons,has a tail to sweep a entire platform clean,alaser can be shot from his mouth.and a unbeatibel to any outobot
as you see in the photo you see one of the arielbots fighting him in the while he he,s fall dou to gravity into cybertron.
this photo is from transformors wfc.areil a video.and this a post on tripticon.