Sunday, July 24, 2011

Storms and volcanoes and Cars 2

Last night I finished building up the Von Nebula that I earned the money to buy from Ben Franklin in Bowling Green.  I found it when mom was shopping for rocks this past week.  I earned the money from Grandpa and Grandma for earning medals at the Agility Angels competition last weekend.  It had a lot of pieces and took me a few days to finish it. 

Yesterday we went to see Cars 2.  My favorite part was when Fransico yelled, "What is going on?!"  Mater turning into a taco truck was pretty funny too.  We had a couple bad thunderstorms and they knocked out our power for a few hours.  We camped in the van for a few hours because dad couldn't get the generator started.

This week we are going to build a volcano to finish our volcano unit.  Last week during science we got to feel real volcanic ash from a volcano in Iceland.  It was very smooth and dusty.  We also felt quartz and several other rocks. 

We planted our Chia Shrek heads and made a dough map of the Nile River. 

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