Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Story Behind the Picture

1.  What is the trailer used for?

There is a satellite dish to keep updated on the news to find their crooks.  It contains barricades and cones.  It has computers and a coffee maker.

2.  Does the unit have proper police supplies?

Yes.  It has computers and survellance cameras.  It also has cones, barricades and a wanted wall so you can watch for criminals.

3.  Is there a place to put the figures that are under arrest?

In the back of the trailer is a small jail cell to put the criminals in.  It has an alarm too.

4.  Does it roll on carpet?

It rolls on the carpet using its tires.  It rolls very well, unless its really thick.

5.  Is it hard to put together?

With the proper eye and following the directions step by step, it's very easy.  You can switch parts around easily too, so that you can upgrade your trailer.

(Joey has started a new writing curriculum.  Thought it would be easiest to let him type each capule assignment in his blog to have a better record.  He will be using Write with World for the next few months to see how he does.)

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